Living Joy Ministries, Inc. offers workshops on the following topics below. 

Each of these workshops is offered for a minimum of three (3) hours.  Extensive presentations can also be provided on each presented topic.

Let A Man Examine Himself - A Self Evaluation Of Your Spiritual IQ

Are you discerning your powerful place in the body of Christ? Are you exercising all the rights and privileges that Jesus died for in your life?  Are you a successful believer by God’s standards?  Are you totally free?  Have you entered into the “Rest” Jesus prepared for you?  Have you experienced the “Death of the Soul”?  Have you reached the threshold of “Union” with God? Everyone who desires to unite with God for Eternity will one day deal with all these questions and more. Come and enjoy this pursuit of the deeper Christian life. This workshop will bring you closer to the life of freedom and joy planned for you by God from before the foundation of the world.

Behind The Wall - Living The Deeper Christian Life

If you have ever desired a deeper walk with the Lord of your life, this meeting is for you.  Many years ago God gave me a vision of the deeper Christian life.  As time went on, I began reading the writings of the saints of the 1600’s and earlier.  I discovered a wealth of experience and a depth of walking with God that seems non-existent in this hour.  I believe God has called us to a relationship with Him that is unprecedented in these last days.  If you have a “seeking heart” to discover the depth and revelation of your place of relationship, living and ministry in these last days, come with an open heart!  Living Joy Ministries, Inc. equips the saints of this hour for Eternity!

Possessing Your InheritanceUnderstanding Body, Soul, and Spirit

This workshop offers a complete biblical training in how man exists (spirit, soul, and body).  Biblical truths become clear as to what happens to us in each of these realms when we accept Christ as Savior.  Freedom comes as understanding and clarity is revealed about the existence of man.  Scriptural truths define our inheritance and entitlements as believers and how to live and walk in this blessed existence.

The Noise in the MarketSpiritual Warfare - Equipping Believers for Battle and Successful Living!

This workshop offers a complete biblical understanding of spiritual warfare.  It presents with clarity the sixteen major demonic spirits and how they manifest to affect human behavior.   It clearly outlines strategies given in God’s word to overcome all attacks on the life Jesus Christ offers to believers